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  • Pro-Power AquaPink T5 Tube 24w. 39w, 54w, 80w Pro-Power AquaPink T5 Tube 24w. 39w, 54w, 80w
    A new Pink tube to enhance and promote colour of corals when used in conjuction with Aquablue plus,Actinic plus, Actinic pure and/or Metal halide lamps. The Aquapink tubes will enhance and improve the colour of sps and lps corals especially blue and pink species.

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Metering pump
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Reference Number :5000.020

Replacement dosing pump with low voltage 3-12 V DC for osmolator, power with 4 mm (.2 in.) hose at 11 V:
.9 m - 100 l/h (35.4 in. - 26.4 USgal.),
1.4 m - 80 l/h (55.2 in. - 21.1 Ugal.),
1.9 m - 58 l/h (74.8 in. - 15.3 USgal.),
Hmax 3,6 m (141.7 in.)