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  • Polyplab Vert T-Shirt Black Polyplab Vert T-Shirt Black
    The Vert tee includes the Polyplab logo on the front, as well as on the sleeve, and the back "nape" area below collar. Made from 6.0 Ultra 2000 cotton.

    Color: Black

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See more about this article : TUNZE Plastic blades 45 mm (1.77 in.), 2 pcs.

This article is in catégory : "Tunze > Spare parts"

TUNZE Plastic blades 45 mm (1.77 in.), 2 pcs.
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Reference Number :0220.156

The small plastic blades are also suitable for acrylic glass panes.
The Care Magnet can also be used on round aquarium panes or round-arched panes.