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Polyplab Pro-colors 200% or 500%
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Reference Number :P-0000130

Polyplab Colors is ulta pure Amino Acids engineered for the most demanding growers.

It is designed for:

- Ultra Low Nutrient Systems
- Reverse Coral Bleaching By Quickly Removing Excess Nutrients
- Promotes Tissue and Polyp Pigment Extension
- Promotes Pigment Growth
- Damaged Corals Heal Faster

Size: 50 mL
Concentration: 200%  or 500%

What is PolypLab Colors?

Designed for the most demanding coral growers, Colors is an intense ultra pure group of amino-acids. User descretion is advised. Please follow dosage instructions. Sudden algae blooms has shown to be the result of an excess of amino-acid concentration. Please stop using colors immediately for a period of at least 14 days. Then resume use.


1 drop per 100 gallons of total system water volume daily.