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Magnet holder
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Reference Number :6025.500

TUNZE® Magnet Holder 6025.500 are usually employed to attach Turbelle® pumps, but they can also be used as universal holders. They have a very strong holding power and can be attached to every aquarium pane. Magnet Holder consist of two magnetic halves in a waterproof housing. The inside unit is placed in the water and the external unit is attached to the outside of the aquarium; both parts are identical in shape. On account of their encapsulated construction, Magnet Holder are resistant to corrosion, and cause no harmful effects for the aquarium biotope.

Magnet Holder 6025.500: Supplied with two screws and M5 x 40 nuts, two cable fasteners, and 100 mm (3.9 in.)
of hook-and-loop strip suitable especially for installation in water.
Dimensions: diam. 50 mm (1.9 in.) x W 15 mm (.59 in.).

The Magnet Holders are only designed for use in filled aquariums. If the devices are mounted while the tank is not filled with water, the holding force might be too low.

Universal holder for attachment up to a glass thickness of 20mm (3/4"), dimensions: diam. 50mm (1.9 in.) x W15mm (.59 in.).

Instructions for use