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  • Abyzz A200-3M-110V DC Water Pump Abyzz A200-3M-110V DC Water Pump
    The innovative Abyzz A200 pump with its titanium impeller consists of powerful and programmable menu-controlled electronic driver and a sinusoidal three-phase synchronous motor (pump).

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Catégory in process: DD The Aquarium Solution > H2O Ocean Premium Test Kit

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A high quality test kit from D-D to accurately monitor Iodine levels in reef aquaria.

Iodine is considered an essential element for certain biological processes in many marine animals and as such it is paramount to be able to measure and maintain the correct levels in your marine aquarium.

We advise that the Iodine kit is used as part of a complete testing regime that includes the D-D Phosphate, Multi and Nitrate test kits for best results and to help monitor complete aquarium health and nutrient levels.