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Terms and conditions

Xenia North America Inc. commitment
We at Xenia are very proud of the quality of products we represent. We view our Dealers as partners and will work hard to promote and maintain our quality to the discriminating aquarist who appreciates our commitment to excellence.

Store Front
Xenia will establish Dealers that currently have a physical storefront location and sell aquarium related products on the premises. Xenia can also establish company that are not having any physical storefront but have shown years of commitment to our industry as a major player.

Setting up an account and applying to be an Authorized Dealer
Once you have completed our on-line Authorized Dealer Account Form, you need to fax your Current Business License and/or Re-Sell Certificate to our corporate office at 450-721-0429 for verification. We will open your account providing you meet all our requirements. Xenia North America Inc. maintains the right to check vendor references, personal credit (by Equifax) and Business Credit (by Dunn & Bradstreet). All new accounts will be on Cash in Advance basis unless otherwise specified.

Xenia reserves the right to cancel or amend the contract and create performance clauses in the contract as future circumstances dictate. All Authorized Dealers who agree to these terms and conditions will be listed and advertised on our web site. All Xenia Canadian Authorized Dealers will not sell our products to USA residents and all Xenia USA Authorized dealers will not sell our products to Canadian residents. Violation of this may result in immediate termination of exclusivity or the right to purchase our equipment altogether. Requests for purchases from customers residing outside of an Authorized Retailer's territory shall be asked to contact Xenia directly. Xenia will not sell into any Authorized Retailer's Territory, but instead will refer any calls for equipment to the Authorized Retailer. Xenia is authorized to sell all spare parts needed or not directly to customers to keep an high standard of customer service in the event that one given store have not them in stock. Xenia can also sell direct to a customer if the authorize dealer fail to have stock without taking arragement with Xenia to satisfy cutstomer request. 

Payment Terms
We accept all major credit cards. There are no additional charges or discounts for payment methods. All orders are accepted under prepayment basis unless otherwise arranged. A service charge of 5% per month will be added to past due accounts. There will be a $35.00 service fee for any NSF Checks. Accounts with balances 90 days past due will be turned over for collection.

All orders must be faxed at 450-721-0429 or thru our on-line system or and inventory verified by our staff before shipment. All advertised prices are from our warehouse in Montréal and do not include any applicable freight charges or taxes unless otherwise specified. All custom made orders are final and thus no product return will be accepted.

Products Availability
We will do our best to maintain an inventory of the products we carry, however certain items, especially the larger ones are not always kept in inventory and must be special ordered. In these circumstances, we reserve the right to negotiate any delivery times.

Minimum Advertised Price
The Price List shows the Suggested Retail Price as the Minimum Advertised Price that our products can be advertised. All Dealers are expected to comply with the Minimum Advertised Price requirements and re-sale terms in the contract and any breach of these terms will be immediately addressed and could result in the cancellation of this Agreement and repeal of resale rights. A Dealer of Xenia is an entity that stocks our products in their own retail stores. Price are subject to change without notice.

Minimum Order
There's no minimum order. Maintenance Professionals and Custom Installers who can provide a business license, will receive a 10% retail discount provided they are approved. Additionally, in order to maintain Authorized Dealer status, you must purchase a minimum of $10 000 of Xenia equipment during a 12 month period.  Please check the specific terms and conditions in regards of our discount schedule for each of our product line.

Returned Items
Any item previously not reported as damaged that is returned to Xenia will be subject to a 20% handling fee. All returned units must be in their original packing box, with all packing materials and documentation in place, and must be returned in a proper shipping container. Returned units are done so at the expense of the shipper, and the shipper is responsible for any damage claims. Xenia reserves the right to refuse any returned package at our discretion. Xenia will reject any returns of a custom made products.

Freight & Drop Ships
All freight is payable by the Buyer unless otherwise arranged. Xenia can drop ship products directly from is warehouse upon request. Please check the specific terms and conditions in regards of our discount schedule for each of our product line and the addtionnal fee's related with drop ship orders

Any claims for shortage or broken delivery must be made via FAX to our corporate office, within 2 days of the receipt of merchandise. A signature by the buyer or their representative signifies all merchandise has been received in undamaged and saleable condition, and that all packages have been received. All goods shall be deemed to be in the hand of the purchaser from the time they are placed in the hand of the carrier and consigned to purchaser. Please make sure that you are receiving all the packages you sign for, and that none are damaged, as once signed for, any loss, damage or destruction is assumed by the purchaser.

Force majeure
We will not be responsible or liable for any loses or consequential liabilities arising from delay, inability or failure to fill orders or to perform our obligations caused by acts of God, war, fire, flood, explosion, accident, strike, terrorist acts, or other labor trouble, the exercise of military authority, scarcity of labor materials, transportation difficulties, demand exceeding supply, or any other circumstances beyond our control. If execution of any order is delayed by any such event, the time for delivery is to be automatically extended by the same number of days plus 2 more that there shall have been days of delay.

All Xenia products have a limited warranty honoured by our manufacturer. Please check the specific terms and conditions in regards of our Warranty schedule for each of our product line. Our limited warranty policy is available upon request and can be downloaded from our web site or

Re-sell authorization
Unless otherwise specified it is forbidden to re-sell Xenia products to another store and/or company that have not been granted the authorized dealer status. Special authorization can be granted only after previous discussion with Xenia staff. Failure to comply to this terms could be consider a breach of contract and could result in the end all business relationship without notice.