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Xenia, integrated logistic and solution

Catégory in process: Tunze


The TUNZE® design language is not only reflected by the shape and appearance of a product, but also by the superior performance compared to typical market components. We keep focussing on opening new horizons and, calling everything into question in order to ensure that our technology meets the current requirements, in terms of as regards aquarium ecology in terms of electrical engineering.

Available categories:

Turbelle pumpsTurbelle pumps
TUNZE® recirculation pumps combine all advantages you desire of modern and powerful universal pumps for saltwater and fresh-water aquariums.
Comline Kits*Comline Kits*
Filters, skimmers and biological know-how are requirements in marine aquariums; natural conditions are obtained, provided that there is a balance between the input and removal of food, waste and additives.
DOC SkimmersDOC Skimmers
Due to its biotope composition, every marine aquarium has a different sensitivity with respect to the organic load. Based on a standard marine aquarium with leather corals.
Measuring and ControllingMeasuring and Controlling
TUNZE® digital measuring instruments have been developed specifically for use in aquarism. The instruments with their electrodes operate at a high accuracy and are comparable with laboratory instruments in quality.
Other componentsOther components
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