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Catégory in process: Tunze > Spare parts

Order your spare parts for your Tunze products

Available products in this category:

Power supply unit for the pumps 6105.000, 1073.050, 5005.000, 6212.000, 6212.500, 6215.000 and 6215.500 up to year of construction 2015.
Power supply unit for the pumps 6105.000, 1073.050, 5005.000, 6150.000, 6114.00 and 9430.001 from year of constructon 2015. Can also be used as a replacement for power supply unit 6105.240.
For the operation of Valve Set 7074.11 - 230 V / 50 Hz (115V/60Hz).
For 6045 without control (up to abt. 2010).
Activated carbon combined with acrylic wadding.
Is a refill cartridge with °80 x 115 mm (3.1 x 4.5 in.).
Two cartridge fleeces for Foam Cartridge 800.14.
Enables the night mode operation with Singlecontroller 7091 and Wavecontroller 7092.
In the Osmolator«, the enclosed low-voltage centrifugal pump can be replaced by this switched socket outlet in combination with a more powerful pump.
For 6045 without control (up to abt. 2010).
Connects two Turbelle« controllers for a simultaneous controlling or connects one Turbelle« controller with a Multicontroller.
Operating on low voltage 9 to 12 V DC, replaces the enclosed meter pump in the Osmolator« for several aquariums with gravity line, for example.
New drive unit with Hydropropeller for Turbelle stream 6000 and 6100.
Drive unit
Five spare filter cartridges with wound acrylic wadding fibres.
Filter cartridge made of aquarium sponge to be used separately or with Cartridge Filter Mat 800.22.
Suitable for 6060, 6080, 6000, 6100
will be replaced by 6025.512
Holder for Turbelle« stream and e-jet; attachment to a glass thickness of up to 19 mm (.74 in.), suitable for the reduction of the pumping noise.
30 to 60 litres/day (7.9 to 15.8 USgal.) at 3 to 6 bar (43 to 87 PSI) and 15 deg. to 25 deg. Celsius (59 deg. to 77 deg. F).
Clamp holder for Turbelle« nanostream« 6015, 6025, 6045 and 6055.
Clamp holder for Turbelle« stream and e-jet; attachment to magnet holders 6065.50 and 6205.50; suitable for the reduction of pumping noises.
with O ring seal
Replacement dosing pump with low voltage 3-12 V DC for osmolator, power with 4 mm (.2 in.) hose at 11 V:
For existing device, enables other fastening variants for the following applications:
Will be replaced by order no. 6055.740
for 6105, 6205, 6305, 6215.200
for 6055, 6206.200
For Turbelle with three suction cups.
It doesn't distribute the algae within the aquarium as a green dust; it rather roles them up completely, and through this turns the algae film into actual food for the fish.
The small plastic blades are also suitable for acrylic glass panes.
Plastic blades with round edges enable a smooth transition to the next pane at the aquarium edges without damaging the silicone joints.
Can also be used as an expansion for the Care Magnet 220.010.
This glass pane cleaner avoids scratches on internal aquarium glass panes, and can therefor even be used on acrylic glass panes with the small plastic blade.
Extends two output connections to 2 x 2 input connections; including four connection cables 7092.30.